4 Reasons Manufacturers Should Consider Automating their Quoting Process 


The manufacturing sector, especially contract manufacturing, is dealing with two major problems: skilled labor shortage and the need to cut costs and enhance efficiency. In this context, the adoption of digital solutions offers a strategic respite for many manufacturing company CEOs. 

Particularly, automating administrative duties presents a substantial opportunity for enhancing efficiency, and it’s often much simpler to implement compared to automating the production process itself. One such administrative task is the quoting process for turning and milling parts, which traditionally consumes considerable time and resources for contract manufacturers. 


4 Primary advantages of automating your quotation process 

  • Enhanced Efficiency with High Automation

    Companies can significantly streamline the quoting process by analyzing the emails to automatically extract all relevant information regarding quotation requests, machining data from CAD files and drawings. This eliminates the need for manual data input, enabling even non-technical staff to accurately and efficiently generate customer quotes. Users maintain control over the process, with the ability to modify details like part specifications, machine selection, and cost breakdowns anytime. 

  • Streamlined, Digital Process Providing Greater Visibility

    Companies can encapsulate the entire quoting journey—from reading through emails to CAD analysis to generating a ready-to-send quote—within a single digital framework. It allows for the creation of quote PDFs or exporting data to ERP systems, speeding up delivery to customers, reducing missed deadlines and improving the chances of winning bids. 

  • Cost and Time Savings on Complex Parts

    Companies can empower companies to move away from traditional, often cumbersome cost estimation methods like experience-based guesstimates, intricate spreadsheets, or costly CAM simulations. Instead, it offers market-aligned, transparent pricing that bolsters long-term competitiveness, particularly for intricate components. This approach demonstrates significant time and cost savings over conventional methods. 

  • Real-Time Price Calculation and Direct Material Ordering

    Companies can update quotes with real-time prices from a network of material suppliers, covering a wide array of material groups. Users can directly order materials through Cerpro, minimizing uncertainties and ensuring targeted profit margins. 


What Does CERPRO Offer Right Now? 

With Cerpro, your machining company gains access to a robust tool backed by Artificial Intelligent technology designed to cut down quotation response time and heighten efficiency. We have two main tools: 

  • Email analyzing tool: This efficiently extracts and organizes all quotation-related information, providing clear visibility and easy management of your quotation process. 
  • Advanced Part comparison tool: This uses artificial intelligence to rapidly identify similar components in your database when a new part is requested. It goes a step further by proposing an accurate quotation price, optimizing your decision-making process and saving valuable time. 


The next generation is rapidly embracing cutting-edge technologies, shaping a dynamic future. To stay ahead in the future, it’s crucial that Manufacturing‘s future aligns with the preferences of this upcoming generation. Cerpro is at the forefront, crafting solutions for a world that is increasingly leaning into digitization and greater efficiency. We offer you tools to automate quoting process and propose precise quotes in just a few clicks. This is just the beginning of Cerpro’s vision to revolutionize Manufacturing, promising a future where efficiency, speed, and accuracy in Manufacturing are not just goals, but everyday realities.

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Contact Cerpro for more information or to schedule a demo of it’s tool. 

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